Musing 090119

I still haven’t totally come to terms with what I intend in this blog. My tendency is to write only when I can say something I think others will be impressed with, which rarely occurs. Even then, I seem to need it to be concise and well thought out. Again, that means that it just doesn’t get done. I think I will try to do more of what I am doing here, just musing. And I hope anyone who stumbles across my musings will understand and accept them just as if we were face to face in conversation. If you know me, you can interpret the musings with the filter of what you know about me. If we aren’t acquainted, it may take you a while to get used to my inconsistencies and opinions, if you choose to stay at all.

I have also decided to try not to second-guess myself. If I change my mind about something, I will not delete the original opinion, but will just add the new thought. So, for instance, although I now feel I was a bit too passionate in my response to Obama choosing Warren to provide the invocation at his inaugural, I will leave the original passionate statement and add a less passionate opinion as it occurs to me.

In other words, I will not try to make this into the “Huffington Post” or any other site where the erudite gather, but will keep it as a personal thought diary.