To This We’ve Come?

Periodically I am tempted to believe that sanity has a chance on this planet, and then I come across a conversation like this one among “friends” on Facebook.
Person 1: “DC Sniper will finally Die.. What a shame the families of the victims arent able to execute him the way THEY see fit”
Person 2: “Good idea! what is a good way?… i think via the televsion is MEGA!!!”
Person 3: “I watched a movie on that f**ktard and his little friend the other week …hope they line him up against a wall and shoot him !!!
Person 1: “stephen they are gonna use lethal injection which is more costly than a bullet in the head”
Person 4: “I wish they had firing squads or hangings here in the US!”
Person 3: “That is sooooooo wrong !!! why cant he die the same way he took the life of all those innocent people!!”
Person 1: “personally i’d say break every bone in his body but the neck let em heal without pain meds for each victim then place a bullet in each joint then 2 in the head”
Person 3: “sounds sweet to me !! Im with you there Joe :)” (editorial coment: a SMILEY!!! really???)
Person 5: “whats the link to the most recent info on this??”
Person 1: I just saw an update on Fox News that the Supreme Court has rejected his request to have his execution delayed check out should be a story there”
Person 5: “cool thanks.”
End of conversation.

I am almost speechless, literally. “Fox News,” that defines “contradiction in terms.”

Are there really people who believe we should create a society where every perceived injustice or injury should be avenged in kind? (rhetorical question, in light of the previous conversation, and the constant deafening rhetoric on Fox)

Do none of them even once think about what it would be like to live in the society that follows their views?

I would wager that most of the participants would call themselves “Christians.” What translation of the Gospel changes “Love Mercy” to “Avenge all wrongs?”

I’m sorry Tolle, but I see in this no evidence of awakening to a new earth, but only a descent to an actual hell on earth.