Thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

This morning, so called “Black Friday,” the following quote was forwarded to me:

“Only in America would people kick and claw the shit out of each other over cheap merchandise only hours after being thankful for what they already have.  We need to add a companion holiday.  Thanksgiving … and Morehaving.  Oh, wait.  That’s Christmas.” — Weedlord Bonerhitler

This prompted some introspection. In the past year or so, since I have attained sanity about my beliefs (or lack thereof), the Thanksgiving holiday has also undergone a rethinking. It is appropriate to be mindful (at least once a year, but hopefully constantly) of everything that contributes to my state of well-being. When I used to give credit to a supernatural being for them, it was an excuse to not be truly mindful. When you are not mindful, your mind is cluttered with all sorts of trash, but still seems to be constantly dissatisfied, hence the constant need to accumulate “more.” I still occasionally desire something that I perceive will add to my will-being, but increasingly it isn’t a new possession. In fact, shedding possessions seems to bring me closer to attaining what I desire. And, often, attaining it only requires a change in my state of mind, or in my habits.